2012 Evolve Your Fishing Fly Rod Shootout

2012 Evolve Your Fishing Fly Rod Shootout

After much spreadsheeting and arranging, here are the highly anticipated results…

Casters were asked to bring along their 3, 5 and 6 weight fly rods and reels for others to cast and then score using a criteria developed to make the whole process simple and easy to understand. The fly lines used were provided by the participants for their particular rod and therefore varied a great deal. Whilst some rods benefited from the owner correctly matching the line to the rod, it was felt by some participants that some rods weren’t matched well. A few rods were criticised as feeling over-lined whilst other rods could have benefited from a lighter or alternative flyline.

ShootoutThe focus of this event was fun, with anglers given the opportunity to try out a variety of rods and then to compare their results with what others felt… not a hard core scientific experiment. These shootout results are intended as a rough guide or starting point for those looking for a new rod. Looking at the individual caster’s results we can see that one man’s meat is another’s poison. The differences in what individuals thought about different rods makes for very interesting readingĀ indeed! What it does is prove that you need to go try out the rods for yourself.

The scoring categories were out of a possible 10 points each (0 being the lowest and 10 the highest totaling a maximum 50 points per rod). Where the caster did not write any score, an individual rod average from the other casters scores was substituted. There were 17 casters scoring in the 6wts (perfect total score being 850 points) and 15 scoring casters for the 5 and 3 weight categories (perfect total score being 750 points). Calculated percentages have also been included in the results for easier comparison.

The categories were as follows:

Build Quality (out of 10 points)
Casters were asked to asses the general appearance of the rod, the quality of the components, attention to detail and the finish – basically how well the rod was put together.

Casts(out of 10 points)
Casters were asked to score at short, medium and long range.

Short Casts(out of 10 points)
The criteria here was to score the rod out of ten as to how well it preformed and how accurate it was at a short distance. This distance was not a set length and was determined by the caster.

Medium to score the rod out of ten as to how well it preformed and how accurate it was at a medium distances. Distance again determined by the individual caster.

Long Casts (out of 10 points)
The criteria here was to score the rod out of ten as to how well it preformed and how accurate it was over longer distances. Again, no set distance with length determined by the caster according to their casting skills. Some guys put the 3wts into the backing!

Feel(out of 10 points)
This category is possibly the most subjective out of the lot, where participants scored how the rod felt in hand and how much fun it was to cast.

6 weight fly rods
The first group of rods to be scored were the 6wts which were set up on the grassed area in rod holders and then each rod assessed in turn. Due to the number of rods on the day and number of fishermen, the time given to score each rod was 3 minutes. There were 15 rods provided by participants with rods from Redington, Stalker, G.Loomis, Burkheimer CF, TFO, Vision, Winston and Sage. In this rod class, 17 casters evaluated the rods. Many noted that he casting ability on show was exceptional with multiple Australian National Casting Champion – John Waters showing his class. This proved to be a very tight contest, with the highest scoring rod in this class winning by a mere 0.25 of a point!
Click here for the results of the 6 weight shootout.

5 weight fly rods
After a quick drinks break, the 6wts were packed away and it was time for the 5wt comparison. This time there were 18 rods on offer which were cast by 15 anglers. Brands included Innovator, Vision, Redington, Sage, TFO, Winston, Scott, Loop and Hardy. Whilst all rods available on the market were not present on the day, the event gave participants the ability to cast more rods (both old and new) side by side than would normally be possible in a tackle shop environment.
Click here for the results of the 5 weight shootout.

3 weight fly rods and Peter Morse
A great lunch of pizzas from the resort’s cafe was followed by the division of the casters into two groups, with half involved in a double handed casting session with FFF certified master casting instructor, Peter Morse. The other group moved onto the 3wt shootout and once completed the groups then swapped over. The 3 weight rod brands included; Pro Angler, Vision, FlyLogic, TFO, G.Loomis, Sage, Greys and Loop.
Click here for the results of the 3 weight shootout.

The day ended with everyone receiving a showbag from EvolveYourFishing which included a J.M. Gillies rod & reel cover as well as a heap of give aways to lucky anglers including fly lines, accessories and three great fly rods. One last huge thank you to our other supporters including Lake Crackenback Resort for the venue, snacks and refreshments, J.M. Gillies and Clarkson Imports for their great giveaways.

The team at EvolveYourFishing have had sensational feedback from participants with everyone looking forward to the shootout becoming an annual event in the future featuring different rod weights.

Tight loops.